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Training Non-Profit CEOs


Michelle Christie Kids

"Learning how to be a leader not only strengthened my skills,

but also helped create other leaders as well. Specifically, learning

to lead rather than just manage has been a valuable lesson.”

Michelle Christie, EdD, Founder & Exective Director, No Limits
City Scholars® Foundation Fellow

600  youth served/year (95% low-income) in Greater Los Angeles

Inspiring, challenging, equipping and encouraging non-profit CEOs

to lead well with limited resources is not only our mission,

it's also the most powerful and cost-effective way to help potentially

millions of low-income youth stay in school, out of trouble

and on track to a brighter future.

Fellowship Roundtable

Thanks to the generosity of corporations,

foundations and individuals (including our

Board of Directors and Executive Council),

we underwrite the participation of formally

nominated and rigorously vetted non-profit

CEOs with our City Scholars® Fellowship,

an innovative, high-impact leadership

development institute and learning community

introduced in 2007.   

In exchange, our City Scholars® Foundation Fellows, as a diverse network of experienced

and emerging leaders,“pay it forward” through their accountability

and collaboration which achieves exponential impact.

Each annual Fellowship tuition award is valued at $10,000.


We help our City Scholars® Foundation Fellows:

    • EMBRACE their role as education non-profit CEOs.

    • DEVELOP their capacity to lead well with limited resources.

    • CULTIVATE a personal leadership network for on-going inspiration,
      support and accountability.

    • SUSTAIN their leadership commitment as they learn to “slow the roll,
      lighten the load and enjoy the journey™.”

    • GROW the education non-profits they lead from survival to success to
      significance helping thousands of low-income youth achieve against the
      odds in school and in life.


Our Fellowship creatively combines training, coaching, mentoring,

networking and inspiration to achieve exponential impact.  With our TEAM City Scholars®

Board of Directors and Executive Council contributing over 500 executive volunteer hours

each year as discussion leaders, panelists and business mentors, our Fellowship helps

non-profit CEOs build skills, confidence and relationships they can draw upon

throughout a lifetime of leadership.

Through continuing education, immensely practical curriculum, executive coaching,

business mentoring and a resource-rich community, our City Scholars® Fellowship

offers a unique opportunity to learn and share best practices, discover creative solutions

to common challenges and cultivate strategic partnerships and collaborations.

Specifically, our
City Scholars® Foundation Fellows learn and grow together through:

  • Annual Fellowship Kick-off (January, including our Fellows' Board Chairs)
    FOCUS: Effective Non-Profits

  • Eight (8) Fellowship Roundtables (February - September)

    FOCUS: Strategic Leadership, Board Development, Staff Development, Program Development, Financial Leadership, Marketing & Communications, Fundraising
    & Resource Development, Strategic Planning and Leadership Sustainability.

  • Monthly Leadership & Collaboration Challenges

  • CEO Lunch & Learn Series (Ongoing; elective small group deep dives)

  • Annual Fellowship Retreat (October)

  • 1:1 Leadership Coaching

  • Business & Peer Mentoring

  • Networking with Grantmakers, Executives and Community Leaders

Michelle Freridge Kids

“As a City Scholars® Foundation Fellow, I’m learning how to really lead

organization and not just manage it. As a result, we’re diversifying

our funding and becoming a much more sustainable organization.”

Michelle Freridge, Executive Director, Asian Youth Center, City Scholars® Foundation Fellow

3,045 youth served/year (95% low-income) in Los Angeles County, Antelope Valley and San Fernando Valley




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