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Through our signature investment, the City Scholars® Fellowship, we train, coach, mentor, connect

and inspire non-profit CEOs
to lead well with limited resources and build effective organizations

that help
over 67,000 low-income youth throughout the Greater Los Angeles region stay in school,

out of trouble and on track for a brighter future.

Bill Thompson Kids

"The City Scholars® Fellowship teaches what defines an effective
non-profit and gives leaders concrete strategies to implement
that have an immediate impact. Since becoming a Fellow
in 2014, we've increased our revenues over 45% and

now educate 400 more youth each year."

Bill Thompson, Executive Director, Young Storytellers - City Scholars® Fellow

1,000 youth served/year (85% low-income) in Los Angeles, Culver City and Hollywood



Children and youth living in under-resourced, high-poverty, urban communities depend upon

effective non-profit organizations for the education, academic support, mentoring

and creative enrichment they need to achieve against the odds. 
In turn, these much-needed,

community-based organizations depend for their success and survival upon

highly-motivated, extremely competent and well-connected leaders.

Yet, as demand increases and resources shrink, non-profit CEOs need more than creative

curriculum and a heart for helping low-income youth to keep the lights on and the doors open

To succeed in such a critically important, yet challenging and often lonely job,

non-profit CEOs need, but often cannot afford nor find through one program, exactly what our

City Scholars® Fellowship provides tuition-free:
practical and proven effective

leadership and business training, coaching, mentoring and networking opportunities.

For non-profit leaders who serve youth where the need is greatest

and who are willing to be challenged and held accountable for action and impact,

our City Scholars® Fellowship offers a powerful platform and catalyst

for transformational leadership. 





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