City Scholars® Fellowship for Education


Our tuition-free City Scholars® Fellowship for Education empowers a vibrant and diverse community of nonprofit CEOs to lead well with limited resources and work collaboratively to build more effective organizations that help more than 50,000 predominantly low-income youth each year achieve against the odds in school and in life.

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Partnering with executive volunteers, our City Scholars® Fellowship for Education helps nonprofit CEOs build


to grow education nonprofits from survival to success to significance serving thousands of low-income youth.

Jennifer Jovanovic Growing Great

During my first year with the City Scholars® Fellowship for Education, we grew our reach from 11,000 to 15,000 young people and from 59% low-income to 65% low-income. The City Scholars® Fellowship keeps me focused on reaching the young people we want to impact, as opposed to simply reaching more people.

Jennifer Jovanovic, Executive Director
City Scholars® Foundation Fellow
17,973 youth served/year (90% low-income)
Greater Los Angeles

Our IMPACT Strategy =


Our City Scholars®Fellowship for Education inspires, challenges, equips and encourages a diverse yet extraordinarily collaborative community of nonprofit CEOs, who are distinguished as City Scholars® Foundation Fellows, through our:

CEO ESSENTIALS® BootCamp Annual Fellowship Kick-Off Monthly Fellowship Roundtables Annual Fellowship Retreat 1:1 Leadership Coaching Business + Peer Mentoring Leadership Challenges Cross-Sector Networking


Our CEO ESSENTIALS® for Effective Nonprofits offer time-strapped nonprofit CEOs a practical, comprehensive and proven effective playbook for building and leading mission-focused, impact-driven, well-balanced, highly efficient and sustainable organizations.

Embracing timeless and universally applicable leadership imperatives, our CEO ESSENTIALS® for Effective Nonprofits address Strategic Leadership, Board Development, Staff Development, Program Development, Financial Leadership, Marketing & Communications, Fundraising, Strategic Planning and CEO Leadership Sustainability.

Learning they are not alone in the challenges they face as nonprofit CEOs, our Foundation Fellows return to their offices with renewed energy, focus and dedication.

Our Fellowship for Education is no free lunch.

We support and hold our Foundation Fellows accountable for turning LEARNING into LEADERSHIP and KNOWLEDGE into ACTION that measurably improves educational opportunities and outcomes for more than 50,000 predominantly low-income, pre-K to college, ethnically diverse youth each year throughout the Greater Los Angeles region.


I am much more confident today as an Executive Director because of my involvement with the City Scholars® Fellowship for Education.  As a result, CASA San Bernardino’s budget grew from $630,000 to $920,000. I would not have been able to lead such continuous and sustainable growth without the Fellowship.  The best part is we’re providing better services to our youth.

Cesar Navarrete, President & CEO
Children’s Fund, San Bernardino County
Former Executive Director, CASA San Bernardino County
Former City Scholars® Foundation Fellow (2016 – 2021)
148 youth served/year (100% low-income)
San Bernardino County


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